About Me

Having started East Coast Recruitment in 2005, registering it as a CC, and working with a lovely compliment of staff to grow it , and expand to include international clients, a decision was later made to shift the focus on to HR services from 2017. 

Always having been someone who enjoyed the HR side of a company,and having gotten my HR diploma and worked in the HR field previously,  the staff training, the disciplinary hearings, it seemed the right thing to do, and has been the sole focus of the business now for 3 years. 

However, I have had ongoing requests from clients who I have built a strong business relationship with over the years, to please include the recruitment side of the business again. This happens to have tied in well with my relocating back to the greater Durban area, and so I decided that as apart from the HR and recruitment side, I really wanted to pursue what have in the past been little side businesses too, Helen Help me was born. 

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